Ketki Parekh

This was a freelance branding project I worked on for a wellness coach.

I wanted to personalise it and give it a friendly feel to the logo that’s why I used pastel colours. I worked with typography for this project and tried to create a monogram with K or KP. Here are a few variants of K that I worked on.


I was told by the client to try and integrate P as well so this is what I finally made



The Rouge Cafe

The Rouge cafe, in Kolkata, needed a display menu to be made, for their cupcakes. They have a variety of different cupcakes. Each cupcake has been given a character according to how they taste. Here are some snippets of my project:

I loved working with typography and chalkboard illustrations for this. I gave it a dusty chalkboard look to give the feel of a cafe.



This is a project is a conceptual project. It is a pack of goldfish eggs enveloped in bath salts. When you soak these eggs in a bowl of water, it’ll slowly grow a little and then hatch into a gorgeous looking goldfish. It will take as long as a normal goldfish to grow. This gives you a chance to nurture, feed and take care of a little gold buddy.


Logo Design

The packaging has been the colors and texture of a goldfish so you’re technically removing the goldfish eggs out of a goldfish

I even designed a tiny instructions manual

This product makes it easier for shopkeepers to store and has a better shelf life than a normal full grown goldfish since they don’t need to bother about keeping the tank clean and it hardly occupies space.

Poster for tomorrow

During the international week at école intuit lab, we participated in this competition called Poster for tomorrow. The topic for that year was ‘Make Extremism History’

My poster talks about how people have a direct one way vision. Even though we humans have peripheral vision, we only believe what we want to believe. We can’t be blinded by our views and beliefs which are extremist. We need to open up our minds to other opinions and should see things from another’s perspective just as strongly as we see ours.


Face pinball

This, by far, has been the most random and fun project we (Janani Iyer and me) have worked on. The brief was to make a stop motion film with a body part, using illustration and it must have a setting conflict and resolution.



The Setting is the face as a background for the pinball game.

The Conflict is that the ball (bindi) goes in the mouth

The Resolution is that the face turned completely Orange in a state of shock.


Here are a few pictures from the making of the stop motion.

Destress Zine

Zines are self-published, small-circulation, often nonprofit books, papers, or websites. They usually deal with topics too controversial or niche for mainstream media, presented in an unpolished layout and unusual design.

My zine is mainly targeted towards those who take smoke breaks every now and then to destress.

It is in the shape of a cigarette box and each roll in the box gives a different way to destress. eg: eat cookies, drink hot chocolate, meditate, go for a swim.

It will be placed at tapris and small paan/cigarette shops.


Taxi Fabric Workshop

I was so thrilled that I was one of the 24 designers around India selected for this workshop.  My mentor for this workshop was Pavithra Dikshit. Our taxi was based on good manners. We had typography as our means of execution and we used words and phrases like Say Sorry, Thank you, Please don’t litter, etc. I was given the backseat cover and the word Please. Here are the pictures from the workshop.