Ketki Parekh

This was a freelance branding project I worked on for a wellness coach.

I wanted to personalise it and give it a friendly feel to the logo that’s why I used pastel colours. I worked with typography for this project and tried to create a monogram with K or KP. Here are a few variants of K that I worked on.


I was told by the client to try and integrate P as well so this is what I finally made




This is a project is a conceptual project. It is a pack of goldfish eggs enveloped in bath salts. When you soak these eggs in a bowl of water, it’ll slowly grow a little and then hatch into a gorgeous looking goldfish. It will take as long as a normal goldfish to grow. This gives you a chance to nurture, feed and take care of a little gold buddy.


Logo Design

The packaging has been the colors and texture of a goldfish so you’re technically removing the goldfish eggs out of a goldfish

I even designed a tiny instructions manual

This product makes it easier for shopkeepers to store and has a better shelf life than a normal full grown goldfish since they don’t need to bother about keeping the tank clean and it hardly occupies space.